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Your business needs are unique to your business. Even if there are hundreds of others doing the same thing, no one does it quite like you. We offer custom programming and business consulting to ensure that you get the proper solution for your business.

Training & Data Conversion

Once you have the right solution, you need to know how to use it, and it needs to work with the data that you have. Our software training and data conversion services for the SxTrend software can ensure that happens.

Owner's Letter

Gary Bigler has spent a great deal of time and energy building a business that you can rely on. Read the letter from our owner and founder to see how he can personally help you.


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About Us

Resource Management Group is a business consulting company dedicated to improving your business. Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we  specialize in consulting, training, and custom programming services for SxTrend™ distribution software by Infor Systems™. Let us help you enjoy the maximum benefit of this powerful software package, designed for large wholesale distribution companies.

Speed and performance are our hallmarks. In most cases, your project will be started the same day, and our turnaround times are much faster than those of our competitors. You can count on us to be there for your 24/7. We offer reliable support when you need it and not a moment later. No matter the time of day, you will always reach a live person. You can also count on us to train you to make the best use of your new SxTrend software.

For more than 20 years, we have maintained relationships with many of our customers and have enjoyed success through their referrals. With a track record like that, you know you can count on us. Our services are fast, and you will only be billed for the hours that we are actually working. There's no need to pay an exorbitant fee for two hours of work — you only pay for those two hours.

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